How to Successfully Clean Urine Stains in Carpet

There are times when you have a pet that would have “accidents” in the form of urinating on top of your nice carpets. While it isn’t really their fault as they might not have been potty-trained yet and they don’t really have much control of their bladders, it is still a cumbersome task to clean off the urine from the nice material. Difficult as it may be, there are ways that can assist you in removing it completely.

Remove Urine Stains in Carpet



The first method you can try to remove the odor and the stain from the carpet is to use ordinary soap and water. However, when you go about this path do take note that it will need a whole lot of work than other methods. Therefore, you might have to get on all fours for a good amount of time. Therefore, what you can do is to get a good liquid detergent that is known for breaking down grease and also make sure that you also use a durable sponge for the process as well. If you go about this method, then scrub the affected areas two or three times for a few days until the scent will be completely gone. It might be a lot of work, but it can get the urine stain and odor out completely.


Water and vinegar, when mixed together, can also be used to remove the urine stain and smell from your nice carpets. This is an inexpensive path that you might want to take and can easily be accessed by just running to the kitchen. Stains are tougher to remove when it has taken a long time for you take action with regards to cleaning them. Hence, you must be quick about it lest you will have a more difficult time in removing it. With the water and vinegar solution, use the same process as you would with the liquid detergent. Make sure that the solution lathers and do not let it soak for more than 5 or 6-minutes.


But if you really want a great solution to get rid of stains and odors, from urine or otherwise, then you can just immediately call in the professionals. Chicago Carpet Care is one such company within the carpet cleaning industry that can assist you in all of your carpet-related messes, stains, odors, and other similar dilemmas. They would already have the necessary tools and materials to clean your carpets effectively, and perhaps even without you lifting a finger.

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Professional Rug Cleaning – Reasons to Hire the Experts

Rug Cleaning Chicago

One of the biggest priorities for any rug owner is to keep these clean at all times. The rugs inside your home can sometimes be the expensive investment; therefore, it should not be made a second thought that you should clean and maintain them regularly. These accessories for your home are always nice to see around the house. These can really bring out the color and design of a room. Hence, keeping them clean and fresh should always be part of your house-keeping goals. To achieve such a goal, hiring professional rug cleaners should be your top priority.


While there are many different methods and techniques with regards to cleaning your rugs have their own advantage and disadvantage. Not knowing about them and going about cleaning arbitrarily can result in your damage that you weren’t planning on having in the first place. To avoid such travesties, calling the aid of professional rug cleaners, such as those found in Chicago Carpet Care, is key.

There are many who shy away from such an option and would result into a more “cost efficient” do-it-yourself method. What many do not know is that hiring professionals to do this particular task will not only benefit you but also for your rugs.

For instance, they aren’t called experts for nothing. While DIY techniques do seem adequate if you know what you’re doing, it should also be noted that there are different types of rugs. So what does this mean? It means that a cleaning method for one rug might not work for the other. The end result? Discoloration and/or ripping of fibers, just to name a couple.

With the assistance of professionals, they would immediately know what type of rug they’re going to deal with. Hence, they would be able to apply specific rug cleaning solutions for each of them. You will then be at peace that none of your precious rugs will get torn or have washed-out colors once they’re done.

Furthermore, with expert rug cleaning techniques, you are able to prolong the lifespan of your floor accessory. There are many people who are wary about the costs of hiring professional rug cleaners. However, what they do not know is that this can become cheaper when looking at it for the longer term. This is due to the rug being handled by expert hands as these will be cleaned properly and thoroughly.

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Cleaning Mattress Stains – Helpful Tips You Should Try

You may not take notice but we do spend an awful amount of time on our beds. Given the amount of time that we spend on an average week on our mattresses then there might come a time or an instance when a stain would be produce on it. It might be shocking to know that there are only some people who actually know how to properly get rid of stains on mattresses.


Clean Beds - Mattress Cleaning



Should you spill some sort of liquid all over your nice mattress, then one of the most important things that we should put into our minds is that we should deal with stains as quickly as possible. Every second counts when it comes to removing stains. The sooner that you are able to clean the spots off of your mattress, then the easier it will disappear. Do not tell yourself that it can wait until morning because it won’t. Once the stain dries up completely, it will become immensely difficult for it to be removed.

As soon as you are able to see the stain on your mattress, don’t just cover it with any old cloth and call the deed done. Make sure to clean it straight away even before you get to say goodnight and go to sleep. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to remove the stains, because if you do dawdle around, then you might even end up ruining your mattress permanently.

You can try cleaning off a mattress stain by using a dry sponge method. To do this, first get a cup of mild detergent soap then put it in either a bowl or a small basin. Then, slowly add a cup of water then mix the solution. You can even use an electric mixer for this step so that the mixture becomes really foamy.

With the use of a sponge, take away the foamy bubbles then rub them on to the affected area of the mattress where the stains are located. Repeat the method until the stains have disappeared. Make sure that you only wet the affected area and not the entire mattress. Otherwise, you will also invite other bacteria, and even molds, to the occasion.

Should you want a really effective way to get rid of mattress stains, then the prime solution is to get in touch with professional mattress cleaners, such as those found in Chicago Carpet Care.

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Knowing the Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

professional upholstery cleaning

When it comes to the beautification and cleanliness of your home, a major part of these aspects is that of upholstery cleaning. The removal of stains, dirt, debris, and grit can be achieved with the use of either traditional or modern techniques. Cleaning your upholsteries, or even your carpets, during a regular basis can achieve wondrous results. However, does it really mean that your home will become completely clean by just running your vacuum cleaner above them, or sweeping with your broom on them regularly? What about the depths of the fibers, or the stains that have been there for quite a long time now? While there is no need to give such items a deeper clean all the time, it should still be part of your To-Do List. That being said, it is better to get in touch with professional upholstery cleaners at least once every six months to get the job done right.




There are many benefits to getting the assistance of professional upholstery cleaners. Read on to know more about them.

Getting a Healthy Home

Vacuuming dirt, animal hair, crumbs, and other things can keep your furnishings relatively clean, but would this be enough to maintain proper hygiene within the walls of your home? The answer is no; the dust, allergens, and dander might still be floating around which can cause all sorts of illnesses for various members of the family. Utilize the help of experts to rid such illness-conceiving particles away from your home for a good long while.


Gain a Flawless Looking Home

What happens when you spill your wine all over your sofa? It will produce a stain, of course. But not only that, you will be immensely stressed by the spot and there are even times that you can’t get rid of the stain immediately. With the use of professional upholstery services, such as those found in Chicago Carpet Care, you would be able to enjoy stain-free furnishings once more. Your home, not to mention your furniture, would looks sharp, pleasing, and attractive once more.


Ensures Durability

This way, you would protect your investment and continue getting great value for money off of them. Expert cleaners will use their experience and expertise into extending the life of your upholsteries.

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Rug Cleaning Tips – Taking the Eco-Friendly Approach

Rug Cleaning Tips

When you want to get your rug cleaned, is not a justifiable reason to harm or pollute the environment. Sadly, there are not many who would share the same sentiments when it comes to cleaning their rugs. The truth is many do not even know the cleaning solutions they use can affect the environment in a negative fashion.

What many household owners do not realize is that there are cleaning solutions that will allow the proper cleaning of rugs AND do no harm to the environment. If you are a rug owner that also has a green thumb, then read on.




Use Water to Deal With Spills and Stains

Many would automatically reach for the industrial-grade cleaning solution when a spill or a stain happens. While you may get to get rid of the troublesome spot quickly, you can incur problems that can be irreversible. For one, the solution may be too strong that it can actually incur discoloration over the rug’s design. Hence, you’ll be dealt with an even nastier spot than before.

There are some troublesome spots and stains that can easily be dealt with using ordinary water. Just by adding a few spritzes of water coming from a water bottle to the spot can help blot the stubborn area. After which, using a clean, white cloth or tissue will let you immediately yield surprising results. Furthermore, not only is it a cheaper option, but water is definitely a safer solution when it comes to handling.


Using Vinegar as a Substitute

Another eco-friendly option is to use vinegar. With vinegar, you get a naturally safe substance that can be made to become a very useful cleaning solution. All you need to do is use the “food ingredient” to mix one part of it with four parts of warm water. With the diluted vinegar solution, it now works well with wine and blood stains, along with many other troublesome spots.


Environment-Friendly Services

Unlike what many would immediately assume, there are professional services that offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions for their services. A reputable company, such as that of Chicago Carpet Care, would be able to assist you in cleaning all of your dirty rugs, carpets, and upholsteries while still being able to take high regard of the environment.

Staying green and being eco-conscious is very important to the environment-conscious homeowner. These tips will be able to assist you in getting your rugs cleaned properly while still saving Mother Nature.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning – What Makes a Good Service?

Dust and dirt can be a major problem, especially when you’re living in a windy area. Oftentimes, it can become quite difficult to maintain your upholsteries and carpets due to the mounds of dust that like to settle onto your pieces of furniture. If you let such a scenario be, then you would most probably shorten the life of your carpets and upholsteries. Therefore, pay attention and do what is right for the benefit of your investment.

Getting professional assistance to have your carpets, or even your upholsteries cleaned is a prime way to handle this kind of situation. With proper assistance, you will be able to assure yourself that your pieces of furniture will last for years and years, and even for generations. But the question is, how would you be able to know which carpet cleaning company is the right one for you?


Professional Carpet Cleaning




Professional Carpet Cleaning - Chicago Carpet Care

One way to know a professional carpet cleaning company has the right level of expertise to help you is when they tell you about their cleaning process. Simply saying, “We can get that cleaned,” may not be enough to convince a lot of people. Ask them how they are going to achieve the results that you want, and if you like what you hear, then you can proceed to the next part of the selection process.

Next is to ask them if they are able to use cleaning materials and solutions that won’t hurt Mother Nature. With all the industrial-grade cleaning solutions out in the market, these can be harmful to the environment when used. Not to mention they might tend to leave a strong smell around the house. Therefore, a good carpet cleaning service should not only take heed about their results, but also for the care of our planet as well.

But what about their machinery? They should be using equipment that make use of high-tech moisture extraction from your upholsteries and carpets. With less moisture, the faster your carpets and upholsteries can dry. Therefore, there is a far lesser chance of mold and mildew growth.

To make things simple for you, there is a professional carpet cleaning company that has the right level of expertise to let you achieve your desired results. Chicago Carpet Care employs their experience and definite know-how when it comes to cleaning carpets and upholsteries. Their professionals are able to assist you in everything that you need and want to return the luster that may be lost from your carpets.

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Mattress Cleaning – Lean Onto the Benefits


Clean Beds - Mattress Cleaning

At the end of a very busy day, the only thing you want is to get home and lie down in your nice, soft bed. Your mattress will be the only thing that occupies your mind at this point. Most home owners would think that since it is always covered that a mattress does not require any type of cleaning. While they do look really plushy and extremely cozy (especially after that long day at school or at the office), the last thing you would want is to come home to a bed that’s riddled with dust, dirt, and teeny-tiny bugs that are even invisible to the naked eye.

Despite your regular bed sheet changing habits, it would still be wise to go for a deeper clean once in a while. Just changing your sheets does not automatically remove dust, allergens, and other things that you don’t want living inside your mattress.

But when you do get them cleaned, you will reap a number of great benefits. Read on to know more about them.




Indoor air quality is healthy

An average person sleeps for 8-hours a day and you lay on top of your mattress for that duration (or maybe even more). When your mattress is riddled with pollutants, allergens, and bacteria, then you would wake up to rashes, allergy attacks, and all sorts of health issues. This is because those teeny-tiny particles get thrown off into the air whenever you move around on top of your bed. So the best way to keep the quality of the air you breathe indoors is mattress cleaning.

Allergy Relief

Allergy preventions

There are people who would just brush off bites from dust mites like they were nothing, but there are some who are unlucky to have allergic reactions to them. Getting rid of them through mattress cleaning, especially when professional help is acquired, will be able to get rid of those pesky dust mites and other harmful elements that may be living and breeding on your bed.


Peace of mind when sleeping

You go to bed at night to relax, not to think about the problems that may lie ahead. One of the problems that you may be experiencing is dirty mattresses. To let you have a better rest for you to start the next day full of energy, instead of sneezing and feeling completely sick.

If you want your mattress to be cleaned properly, the best way to deal with that is through professional help. Chicago Carpet Care is a reputable carpet and mattress cleaning company that can handle all your dirty mattress woes.

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Upholstery Cleaning Tips – How to do it Properly

A lot of home owners would want their upholsteries cleaned, but many do not know how to do it properly. To start, check what type of fabric or material you are about to clean. Upholstery cleaning is a general term and there is an array of categories of items that fall underneath it. Therefore, before you pick up a cleaning solution down at the store, make sure you know what you’re dealing with unless you can, and will incur some damages to your furniture.

If you already have an upholstery cleaning solution at home and want to test it out for you to make sure that it is the right one, test it out on a small portion on your upholstery. Do take note that when doing this, the tested area should not be easily visible. This is just to make sure that if the liquid is of the wrong type, the tiny portion will not be clearly seen by you, your family, or your guests.

One good tip is to remember never to wet the cloth too much to make the upholstery dry quickly. The wetter the cloth, the longer it will take to dry. Doing so will make the fabric spawn molds and mildew, which can generate even more problems.

upholstery cleaning




When it comes to fabric upholstery cleaning, create a mixture of 1 teaspoon of dish soap with 1 pint of water. If the fabric is delicate, use a soft, clean cloth that is dipped within the created solution. Then, gently blot the dirt out of the fabric. Should you choose a more durable type of cloth for cleaning, use an upholstery brush to clean the fabric. After applying the solution, use a dry white cloth to blot it out of the surface.

For leather upholstery cleaning, you can purchase a leather cleaner at a home improvement store, or you can create your own. For your own mixture, mix 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups linseed oil. When you either have the DIY or the store-bought solution, you can then apply the mixture to the leather upholstery. Apply the solution on the surface in circular motions using a clean white cloth. Let the mixture stay for ten minutes, then buff it out with another clean cloth until the surface shines.

If you face endearing challenges with your upholstery, you can have them cleaned by professionals in the industry. A company like Chicago Carpet Care will handle all your upholstery cleaning woes.

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Carpet Water Damage Restoration – Why You Should Appoint Professionals

Water damage, moisture, and the inevitable stains can affect your carpet’s beauty. When measures aren’t done in a flash, it may become quite the task to remove these unsightly marks. Doing it by yourself, or even with the help of another member of the household, may be the first thing that pops into your mind once the damage has been done. However, should you, or anyone else, would have no idea what you’re about to do, then it is best to stop right there and reach for the phone instead to contact a professional carpet cleaner.



When getting in touch with a professional in this field, they are able to precisely handle water damage restoration to your carpets. Although cleaning agents can be readily purchased from your local store, many of them contain really harsh chemicals which can discolor, or even permanently damage carpet fibers. Also, there are services who are also easily accessible within the carpet cleaning industry, but they may not be professionally trained and will result in a dull look. The worst case scenario is that you will have to replace your damaged carpet for a new one (which means extra money out of your pocket).


So make sure that you only get in touch with the certified professional when dealing with water damage restoration. Through the able hands of experts, your carpets will not only be thoroughly cleaned, but the damage done by water, or any other liquid, will be removed. An added bonus is that they can even promote the health for your home. Upon reading that last statement, you might wonder if that’s even possible.

Think about this – if you haven’t cleaned your carpet in a while, or have just decided not to do anything about the water damage, then the carpet will attract dust, dirt, small debris, and even promote the growth of molds. If left alone, it will generate health risks and issues to members of the household. So if you value the health of everyone within the property, it is best to have your carpets cleaned professionally.

One of the best parts about letting the job be entrusted to professionals is that you won’t have to worry about assuring yourself of a timely completion, nor do you have to supervise their work. A reputable carpet cleaning company, such as Chicago Carpet Care, will be able to handle water damage restoration, among many other cleaning services.

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Water Damage Restoration for Carpets – Can it Save Your Health?

If you live in an area where there are occurrences of flood, or a high chance of moisture in the immediate environment, or perhaps you’re sharing the household with people who may be clumsier for their own good, then you might be prone to having water damage on your carpets. A wet carpet is a downright nuisance, and it does not look, or even small, the least bit appealing. Wonder what a dirty carpet smells like when it is doused with water or other liquids? It’s something akin to a dog who has just played around in the mud and has been drenched with water from the garden hose, but this is without saying that saying K-9 companion is being bathed in doggy soap or shampoo.

Not too keen about the thought? There’s more to it, and the complications can be far worse if you don’t do water damage restoration for your carpets. It can even affect the health of every member of the household.




When carpet fibers get soaked with water, or juice, or any other liquid for that matter, the liquid will usually run straight down to the padding. The padding is found underneath the carpet itself. It will then hold the water similar to how sponges soak up water. If it’s not taken cared of immediately, bacteria and molds will begin to thrive.

Due to the growth of molds and bacteria becoming imminent (should you do nothing about the predicament), it will cause a hazardous effect to you and your family, particularly with regards to indoor air quality.

Without water damage restoration, those molds, bacteria, and other harmful elements will float into the indoor air. These can cause rashes, coughing, skin allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems. Therefore, if you don’t do anything about it quickly, your “small problem” might turn into something even more disastrous.

While there are many cleaning solutions that you can easily pick up at your local grocery store, some, or even many of them have harsh chemicals which can damage carpet fibers. Sure, your water damage may be gone but you will be left with a damaged carpet.

To preserve the beauty of your carpets AND deal with water damage restoration expertly, the best way to do it is to have the assistance of a reputable carpet cleaning company. One such firm is Chicago Carpet Care, which have professionals that are already ready and waiting to tackle on your difficult carpet scenarios.

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