Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

When you keep your carpets cleaned, you maintain the beauty of your home. Whenever these floor coverings are not well-maintained, its bright, vivid colors will begin to diminish over time. So the best way to maintain the beauty of your abode is to always make sure that your carpets stay clean.




Carpets are made to last for a very long time. They are not created for you to replace them after a few months’ time when they seem dirty enough to be thrown out the garbage. If you have enough money to throw around and don’t bother wasting your precious cash, then perhaps this idea may be lurking somewhere in your head. However, and for the most part, this will not be the case.

Carpets are an investment, therefore they are not cheap. So if you want to protect your investment, then you better take care of it with proper carpet cleaning and maintenance techniques. When you take proper care of the flooring investment, then you will be ensured that it will last for years and years.

Here are some ways to help maintain the beauty of your carpets:


Vacuum frequently

Don’t just let your vacuum cleaner sit inside your broom closet and put it to good use. Bring out the electronic cleaner about once a week to vacuum the carpet. You may want to use the vacuum cleaner more than once a week if the carpet is in an area where there is lots of traffic.


Remove stains immediately

Stains on your carpet can be permanent if left alone on the material for too long. Therefore, you need to act quickly when you spill your favorite beverage on it. Blotting the liquid with clean tissue papers is good but there are a few more things to know and do to remove the stain completely. If you need expert carpet cleaning assistance for stain removal, you can get in touch with the pros at Chicago Carpet Care.


Remove footwear when walking over the carpet area

We always take our shoes, sandals, boots, and even our slippers outdoors and these footwear will track in an immense amount of dirt. Cutting down on the level of dirt and debris that may be introduced to the carpet fibers will help keep it cleaner, and of course, enhance its lifespan.

When you do proper carpet cleaning and maintenance techniques, you are ensured that your flooring investment will last for years (and maybe even for decades).

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