Carpet Cleaning Chicago – How to Properly Take Care of Your Rugs

Quite a few weeks have passed since you have gotten that lovely carpet which is now located in a room inside your home. To make everything perfect, you have adjusted and fitted it to fit your room with ease. You had even invited your friends to look at that fine new piece of furniture for them to marvel at the room’s new beauty (and possibly even make them jealous).

Sounds like a fairy tale right? Well, not really as many of you have experienced this kind of scenario from the first time you have purchased that wonderful carpet from the store. The question is, how can you keep said beauty of that great piece of floor covering?




One of the more common material being used for carpets is wool, and we will delve into the subject of properly maintaining the beautiful design of your wool carpet.

The good news is that wool carpeting is naturally resistant to dirt. It is because the fibers make it harder for the particles to stick onto the fabric. Hence, it is quite easier to clean as compared to other floor coverings made from other types of material. While resistant to dirt, it is most certainly not invincible especially when it comes to stains.

Accidents can occur; a child runs around with a cup full of orange juice and takes a stumble on the carpeting, or you’re holding coffee and your dog decides to surprise you. Stains can be a big problem for many wool carpet owners but there are ways to get rid of the nasty mark. When the damage has been done, always remember:

  • Deal with the stain quickly. As much as possible, do not let the stain dry out, else it will be harder to clean.
  • Do not rub it down with your hands, fingers, or a dry piece of cloth. It will harm the fabric making the damage worse.
  • If the stain is made from red wine, do not use salt or white wine as it can make it worse.
  • When you start removing the mark properly, make sure to go from outside to inwards.
  • Always use a cleaner that is specifically designed to be wool friendly. Work with the solution with a brush, sponge, or wet cloth before rinsing.

If you still have problems removing the nasty stain and/or want to keep the beauty of your wool floor coverings, better contact a professional cleaner from the start. There are reputable carpet cleaning companies in Chicago who you can get in touch with.

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