Protect yourself with our 30-day money back guarantee!


Carpet Cleaning GuaranteeThere is absolutely no risk involved with our carpet cleaning methods. We offer you a fabulous guarantee that shows we are dedicated to making every single customer happy.

If you aren’t 100% happy with the services that have been provided all you need to do is say so. If we have to send a professional technician back to your home or office to do the job right we will do so.

That is the first route that we will take to help you become completely satisfied with the job we have completed for you. You have up to a month to contact us too if there are spots that remain after we do the job.

This way you don’t have to feel rushed to notice them. Of course our goal is to make sure that it never happens, but you should have peace of mind that we give you this opportunity.

If that still doesn’t make the grade then you won’t have to pay for any of it. That is right; I guarantee that we will refund every single cent that you paid for our services.

We can’t offer you a guarantee that is any better than that. This just goes to show you that we are completely dedicated to doing your carpets right the first time!



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