Carpet Cleaning – How to Clean it Properly

Any carpet owner knows the supreme challenge of cleaning a dirty old carpet. Carpets are known to be dirt magnets. Not only that, it can attract a lot of other tiny elements such as pet dander, dust, pollen, small debris, and even all sorts of bacteria. Regular vacuuming can certainly do the trick but it will not let you achieve that “deeper clean.”

You have many options to make sure that your carpets are clean (before the guests arrive). Regular cleaning will most definitely brighten up the carpet and will bring back its original luster. Think of it as making it look like it just came from the store, and watch as your guests marvel at its beauty. But if you want to make your guests fill with envy, then make sure that you have your carpets cleaned.





Many carpet cleaning solutions are available and a lot of them can easily be picked up at your local supermarket. However, do note that not all cleaning solutions are the same; if you use the wrong one, discoloration for the carpet fibers are the least of your worry. It can emit harsh odors and can also damage the material (which can be hard to cover up).

If you want to create your own cleaning solution so that you do not depend on the industrial-grade ones, you can. Do note that tackling on carpet cleaning as DIY is not a simple task. Prepare to give away some of your precious hours for you to dedicate on cleaning your flooring.


Step 1: Sweep the carpet first with a broom. This will lift up the fibers and remove loose dirt and large debris. Then, vacuum the entire carpet.

Note: When vacuuming your carpet, make sure that you do it slowly. Slow vacuuming is more efficient than running it over the carpet quickly.


Step 2: Mix a solution of one part borax with two parts cornmeal. This will make a carpet powder that may remove stains. It can also prevent mold growth and will act as a deodorant. You can also use baking soda for carpets that have a stronger stench.

Note: There are stains that are harder to remove than others and may require other methods for proper removal. Act quickly to remove these stains properly.


Step 3: Sprinkle the mixture over the carpet then wait for an hour. Vacuum the carpet afterwards. This should remove the odor, light stains, and dirt.


If you want to have a surefire way of deep-cleaning your carpets, then contact professional carpet cleaners like Chicago Carpet Care.

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