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Our rug cleaning process is very different from other cleaners in our area. Your rugs are often not only very valuable, but they are sources of pride and beauty in your home. Traditional methods of in-home cleaning do not address the specific requirements of maintaining and preserving your prized possessions. Read below on how we skillfully help in maintaining and restoring your rug’s natural beauty


Your rug is a unique and valuable investment and we make sure that we treat it as such. When we come out to clean your rug, an experienced technician carefully examines it for any pre-existing conditions. We identify any issues such as stains and odors, as well as check your rug for wear and damage.

Dirt Removal

Your rug can hold a lot of dried debris before it will appear dirty. It may also have stubborn pet hair clinging to the fibers. Before we begin cleaning your rug, we remove the dry soil and other particles with an upright vacuum cleaning that shakes the soil from the rug’s foundation. We also take care of any necessary pre cleaning that is required.


We first test your rug for color-fastness and then we submerge it in cold water. If your rug has a fringe, it is first scrubbed by hand and rinsed. A mild cleaning solution is then gently agitated on the body of the rug with a soft, nylon brush. Then your rug is rinsed with a mixture of compressed air and water, similar to a whirlpool motion, to remove any deeply embedded soil. Following another cold water rinse, your rug is run through a rubber roller wringer to gently squeeze the water from the rug. At this point, all the cleaning solution and dirt have been released from your rug.


This process begins by simply laying your rug flat for several hours. The nap of your rug is brushed down with a soft, nylon brush and the fringes are combed. We use air movers and over-head fans to help facilitate the drying process. Rest assured that we do not use high heat as it can damage your rug.

Final Checking

Once your rug is completely dry, we perform a final inspection. Any minor repairs that were requested during the pre-inspection stage are performed at this time.

So choose Chicago Carpet Care. We make sure our Chicago rug cleaning process is done thoroughly and adheres to standards. Call us now at 888-449-3227

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