Rug Cleaning Chicago – Area rug cleaning should only be done by pros.

Rug cleaning Chicago - Area Rug Cleaning Chicago

Since you’ve found your way to this page, I am going to assume you are interested in one of two things – knowing about rug cleaning or hiring professional rug cleaning services in Chicago.


When it comes to Chicago rug cleaning or area rug cleaning for that matter, Chicago has tons of providers to choose from. This can be stressful and extremely time consuming.

Every rug cleaning company is attempting to prove they are the “industry leader” with empty promises and confusing phrasing to describe exactly what they do.

I make no claim to being a leader of any sort. The only thing I can tell you very sincerely is that my company and I enjoy cleaning rugs and we are experienced enough to know the differences between area rug types.

We also understand most rugs are expensive. When they receive proper care and maintenance they can easily outlive you.

Well maintained area rugs may even become passed down family heirlooms. The keyword here is “proper care and maintenance”. Most rug cleaners in Chicago miserably fail to provide this.

Here’s the thing – most Chicago rug cleaning companies are money-making enterprises.

A customer is no more than somebody who pays a hefty bill and they wouldn’t be able to tell a Kurdish rug from a synthetic mass produced one, if you laid the two out in front of them; not even if you gave them a handbook detailing the differences!

My team and I are fed up with the one-size-fits-all approach that so many carpet and rug cleaners in Chicago adopt.

For us, each rug is unique. They are like a person that deserves a customized rug cleaning process. Especially if you are hoping for the rugs to stay with you for several decades, at the least!

I don’t make claims of being the “undisputed leader” of the industry. I know we are one of the most genuine outfits Chicago has.

Rugs treated by us look visibly clean. You can tell they’ve received the most tender loving care in our hands. They come back positively glowing.

Entrust your precious rugs to us and forget about…

    • Dull and dingy colors
    • Patterns and designs that have been lost under the years of accumulated grime
    • Tell-tale signs of use and abuse
    • Musty odor and unpleasant smells

That’s right! No More

    • Hiding your beautiful rugs because you were ashamed of its appearance
    • Covering up stains and blotches with sofas and armchairs
    • Refusing to host parties and functions at home
    • Trying to find ingenious ways to get rid of your rugs
    • Pouring over catalogues to find a replacement for your trusted companion of so many years

We Promise you Rugs

    • You can be proud of
    • You would want to show off
    • You will fall in love with again
    • That add to the décor and ambience of your home
    • That sparkle with new life and revitalized colors


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I am sure you are wondering what makes us so confident. How are we able to make all these tall claims?

When you’ve been involved in Chicago rug cleaning as long as I have, you will know that these are NOT TALL CLAIMS! These are the services you are ENTITLED TO as consumers.

Unfortunately, too many of my fellow rug cleaners have forgotten the promise they made to their clients. But, NOT ME! And that’s why I strive to give you this…

    • A team of highly qualified and extensively trained rug cleaners
    • Reasonable rates and upfront pricing policy that guarantees you get your money’s worth every single time.
    • State of the art cleaning equipment that exceeds the recommended industry standards
    • Eco-friendly cleaning methods that are tough on dust and grime, gentle on your expensive rug and gentle towards the environment
    • 100% non-toxic detergents and shampoos that do not expel harsh chemicals with side-effects
    • Free Pick Up and Drop Off service, Flexible scheduling, & Weekend Services, for a convenient and hassle-free rug cleaning experience.

Wow! You are speechless aren’t you? Thankfully for me, these guys aren’t. Listen to how previous clients rate their interaction with us.

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I know, I know…you are still speechless. Here’s something that should get your jaw to drop – Our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy!

If you aren’t happy with our services…any part of it, you are free to ask for your money back.

A dissatisfied customer weighs heavily on our conscience. IF YOU AREN’T ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, UNDENIABLY SATISFIED with the cleaning process you get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.

Do you see your so called “industry leaders” extending such an offer to you? I didn’t think so! This guarantee can only come from someone who is confident of their skills and ability. We are and we have nothing to hide.

If your priority is to find a reliable and competent name in Chicago rug cleaning, you can consider your search to be over. You’ve found the people you were looking for and now it’s up to you to reach out.



Call: (888) 449-3227