Chicago Upholstery Cleaning: Taking Care Of Your Sofa

A lot of people like to have a rest on the sofa and have a snack in the same time, or sometimes your kids sit and play on it with muddy shoes. Stuff like that cause some really tough upholstery stains. They probably look quite horrible and are tough to clean. Well, that is not such a big problem. Here are some tips from Chicago Carpet Care on how to clean upholstery stains.

The most important thing you need to know in upholstery cleaning is the type of fabric you are dealing with.

Another thing that you need to know about upholstery cleaning is that it is best to try and remove as much of the stain as you can before it dries. It will save you the trouble of tediously removing the stains when it has dried up. If you have spilled something on it, blot it with a cloth, otherwise use the vacuum to suck up as much of the stain as you can. You should remember to blot the stain and not rub it, otherwise you risk spreading it and making a bigger mess.

Never over-wet the upholstery. If you do that it might not dry properly and it might start smelling bad. It is best to work from the outside of the stain towards the centre. This way you will not leave any rings and you will not spread the stain. When it is time to rinse the solution off, the easiest way to do that is with a dampen cloth or a sponge. Make sure you wring out the excess water, so that it is not dripping. Then blot the area until no more solution transfers to the cloth.

When it is time for drying, the air drying method is still the best way to go for your upholstery.

If you need to speed up the process, you can put a cloth over the wet area and press it down. This way the cloth will absorb most of the moisture and when you remove it, the upholstery will easily dry. Another thing upholstery cleaning services suggest you can do is to use a fan. Simply aim it to blow towards the wet area and it will make the drying faster. You should vacuum your upholstery regularly. This way you will collect all the dust and dirt from it and you will surely prolong its life.

If the stains are hard to remove, why not call your nearest cleaning company? Chicago Carpet Care is an expert on removing stains in your upholstery. Our technicians are well-equipped with the knowledge of handling your upholstery cleaning needs with accuracy and care.

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