Cleaning Mattress Stains – Helpful Tips You Should Try

You may not take notice but we do spend an awful amount of time on our beds. Given the amount of time that we spend on an average week on our mattresses then there might come a time or an instance when a stain would be produce on it. It might be shocking to know that there are only some people who actually know how to properly get rid of stains on mattresses.


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Should you spill some sort of liquid all over your nice mattress, then one of the most important things that we should put into our minds is that we should deal with stains as quickly as possible. Every second counts when it comes to removing stains. The sooner that you are able to clean the spots off of your mattress, then the easier it will disappear. Do not tell yourself that it can wait until morning because it won’t. Once the stain dries up completely, it will become immensely difficult for it to be removed.

As soon as you are able to see the stain on your mattress, don’t just cover it with any old cloth and call the deed done. Make sure to clean it straight away even before you get to say goodnight and go to sleep. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to remove the stains, because if you do dawdle around, then you might even end up ruining your mattress permanently.

You can try cleaning off a mattress stain by using a dry sponge method. To do this, first get a cup of mild detergent soap then put it in either a bowl or a small basin. Then, slowly add a cup of water then mix the solution. You can even use an electric mixer for this step so that the mixture becomes really foamy.

With the use of a sponge, take away the foamy bubbles then rub them on to the affected area of the mattress where the stains are located. Repeat the method until the stains have disappeared. Make sure that you only wet the affected area and not the entire mattress. Otherwise, you will also invite other bacteria, and even molds, to the occasion.

Should you want a really effective way to get rid of mattress stains, then the prime solution is to get in touch with professional mattress cleaners, such as those found in Chicago Carpet Care.

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