Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning


quick dry carpet cleaning

Thanks to the new quick dry carpet cleaning technology that we have, you don’t have to worry about wet carpets after they have been cleaned. This is certainly an added benefit for any home owner or business owner.

If you have cleaned your own carpets before you already know that it is time consuming and that the carpets stay wet for long. This is a common reason why people allow them to get so dirty without taking action to clean them. Since we can offer you a professional cleaning as well as quick drying there is nothing to hold you back from getting them looking great again.

In order to do this we use the Studebaker AirPath which is a great machine based on the latest technological developments. It is aggressive in nature when it comes to offering a stream of air to dry your carpets. At the same time though it is very gentle on them so you don’t need to worry about anything being damaged regardless of the type of fiber your carpet is made from.

This technology allows the warm air from the room to be forced downward onto the wet carpet. This is a very exciting piece of equipment that I am proud to offer as part of our ongoing dedication to quality service. Now you can have the cleanest carpets as well as knowing they will be dry again within 2 to 3 hours.

quick dry carpet cleaning



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