Rug Cleaning Tips – Taking the Eco-Friendly Approach

Rug Cleaning Tips

When you want to get your rug cleaned, is not a justifiable reason to harm or pollute the environment. Sadly, there are not many who would share the same sentiments when it comes to cleaning their rugs. The truth is many do not even know the cleaning solutions they use can affect the environment in a negative fashion.

What many household owners do not realize is that there are cleaning solutions that will allow the proper cleaning of rugs AND do no harm to the environment. If you are a rug owner that also has a green thumb, then read on.




Use Water to Deal With Spills and Stains

Many would automatically reach for the industrial-grade cleaning solution when a spill or a stain happens. While you may get to get rid of the troublesome spot quickly, you can incur problems that can be irreversible. For one, the solution may be too strong that it can actually incur discoloration over the rug’s design. Hence, you’ll be dealt with an even nastier spot than before.

There are some troublesome spots and stains that can easily be dealt with using ordinary water. Just by adding a few spritzes of water coming from a water bottle to the spot can help blot the stubborn area. After which, using a clean, white cloth or tissue will let you immediately yield surprising results. Furthermore, not only is it a cheaper option, but water is definitely a safer solution when it comes to handling.


Using Vinegar as a Substitute

Another eco-friendly option is to use vinegar. With vinegar, you get a naturally safe substance that can be made to become a very useful cleaning solution. All you need to do is use the “food ingredient” to mix one part of it with four parts of warm water. With the diluted vinegar solution, it now works well with wine and blood stains, along with many other troublesome spots.


Environment-Friendly Services

Unlike what many would immediately assume, there are professional services that offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions for their services. A reputable company, such as that of Chicago Carpet Care, would be able to assist you in cleaning all of your dirty rugs, carpets, and upholsteries while still being able to take high regard of the environment.

Staying green and being eco-conscious is very important to the environment-conscious homeowner. These tips will be able to assist you in getting your rugs cleaned properly while still saving Mother Nature.

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