How to Successfully Clean Urine Stains in Carpet

There are times when you have a pet that would have “accidents” in the form of urinating on top of your nice carpets. While it isn’t really their fault as they might not have been potty-trained yet and they don’t really have much control of their bladders, it is still a cumbersome task to clean off the urine from the nice material. Difficult as it may be, there are ways that can assist you in removing it completely.

Remove Urine Stains in Carpet



The first method you can try to remove the odor and the stain from the carpet is to use ordinary soap and water. However, when you go about this path do take note that it will need a whole lot of work than other methods. Therefore, you might have to get on all fours for a good amount of time. Therefore, what you can do is to get a good liquid detergent that is known for breaking down grease and also make sure that you also use a durable sponge for the process as well. If you go about this method, then scrub the affected areas two or three times for a few days until the scent will be completely gone. It might be a lot of work, but it can get the urine stain and odor out completely.


Water and vinegar, when mixed together, can also be used to remove the urine stain and smell from your nice carpets. This is an inexpensive path that you might want to take and can easily be accessed by just running to the kitchen. Stains are tougher to remove when it has taken a long time for you take action with regards to cleaning them. Hence, you must be quick about it lest you will have a more difficult time in removing it. With the water and vinegar solution, use the same process as you would with the liquid detergent. Make sure that the solution lathers and do not let it soak for more than 5 or 6-minutes.


But if you really want a great solution to get rid of stains and odors, from urine or otherwise, then you can just immediately call in the professionals. Chicago Carpet Care is one such company within the carpet cleaning industry that can assist you in all of your carpet-related messes, stains, odors, and other similar dilemmas. They would already have the necessary tools and materials to clean your carpets effectively, and perhaps even without you lifting a finger.

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