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    • These days when you sit down on your favorite sofa, do you release a cloud of dust thick enough to see?
    • Is your favorite pastime rearranging cushions to cover all those ugly stains in the best possible manner?
    • On days when you have a social gathering at home, do you find your guests eyeing the upholstery in your home with distaste?
    • Sometimes, do you find yourself wondering what the original color of that armchair actually is?
    • Have you been considering getting all the furniture reupholstered because they’re becoming an eyesore?

My oh my! Looks like you are caught in the middle of an upholstery crisis.

Your furniture is buckling under the pressure of all the rough and tough handling it has received over the years and starting to show visible signs of wear and tear.

There are so many stains and spots now you couldn’t care less if your kid added one more to the collection.

Don’t fret! You don’t need new furniture; you need the best services in professional Chicago upholstery cleaning…and I’M ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY!

By getting in touch with my company, you get a lot more than great services in upholstery cleaning in Chicago. The other things in store for you are

    • Furniture that is free of faded patches, stains, and unpleasant odors
    • Upholstery that smells fresh, looks great, and feels divine
    • Sofas and chairs that are free of dust, allergens, and harmful micro-organisms
    • Upholstery cleaning costs that don’t burn a hole in your pocket
    • A new oomph in your home you are going to love to show off to friends and family
    • Revitalized furniture that will become the center of attraction (this time for all the right reasons)


Doesn’t that sound ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS? The best part is all this comes to you at rates that are unbelievably affordable.



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We understand these decisions take time. While you make up your mind, here are a few facts I’d like to share with you.

    • Over time dust, soil, food particles, and other debris settle in a fine layer no matter how well you look after your upholstery and sofa. They get so deeply embedded in the fabric that even the strongest vacuum cleaner is unable to pull them out.
    • If ignored, your upholstery becomes a potential breeding ground for fungi, moulds, dust mites, and harmful bacteria.
    • Dirty upholstery and sofa is known to cause asthma, respiratory problems, allergies, infections, and frequent migraines, and causes an unpleasant, musty odour

As you can see, we are talking about pretty serious things here. You can’t trust the health and safety of your home to just any company dealing in upholstery cleaning in Chicago.

You need someone who really cares, who takes his job seriously, and doesn’t monkey around with his customers.

In short, YOU NEED ME and my team of dedicated technicians. Why?

Because we are one of the best in Chicago upholstery cleaning you could ever hope to do business with.
In addition, we are…

    • Experienced in all things related to upholstery cleaning and we do justice to all kinds of furniture, including natural fibers, polyester, leather, and vinyl
    • Well-trained and up-to-date with the latest developments in the upholstery industry
    • Efficient and thorough in our cleaning process. Our low-moisture technique allows the furniture to dry faster. As a result, you are able to use it sooner
    • Well-equipped and use only the latest equipment and cleaning products for your upholstery
    • Committed to doing an amazing job and offering the highest levels of customer service at all times
    • Reputed and respected for our pursuit of perfection
    • Locally owned and operated so you won’t have to worry about your cleaning being outsourced to another company

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, Chicago is fairly crawling with a few hundred companies. Choosing one from among them is no easy task, especially since every company is out to convince you of two things

a) just how great they are and

b) just how useless the other companies are.

Well, I would never toot my horn in such a shameless manner and say how great and wonderful my team members and I are. I let my clients talk about their experience with me instead!

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See how happy they are for having gone with our cleaning services. In fact, I am so confident of my team’s ability to do a good job that we throw you an open challenge…

If you are not happy with the way your upholstery looks after we’re done with it; if you are not ecstatic, over the moon, delighted, mad with joy, etc. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR MONEY BACK!

That’s right – let’s see other upholstery cleaners in Chicago match this 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!! 

Whether you are looking for general cleaning services for your furniture or exclusive treatment for your leather sofa, we are the people to get in touch with.

From stain removal to pet odor removal, we are equipped to carry out a wide variety of tasks that breathe new life into your upholstery. All of this at a price you will find hard to believe.

Yeah, yeah! Every company offering upholstery cleaning service say that, don’t they? But, I go one step further. I share my rates with you upfront so there is no confusion or miscommunication.

Remember, what you see here is what I charge. That’s a promise honest to goodness!


Complete Price List

    Upholstery Cleaning Chicago

    • Sofa & Love Seat Only $129
    • Sofa – $99
    • Love Seat – $69
    • Sectional sofa – $129
    • Dining Chair – $19
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Additional Services (optional)

    • Dining chair – Deodorizing $5, Sanitizing & Disinfecting $10, Protector $10
    • Arm chair –  Deodorizing $5, Sanitizing & Disinfecting $10, Protector $15
    • Love seat – Deodorizing $10, Sanitizing & Disinfecting $20, Protector $30
    • Three seat – Deodorizing $15, Sanitizing & Disinfecting $30, Protector $40
    • Sectional sofa – Deodorizing $20, Sanitizing & Disinfecting $40, Protector $50
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Restrictions: Minimum order of $98 is required


Like I mentioned before, for upholstery cleaning, Chicago is likely to offer up several hundred companies but there are few that can give you what we do – undying commitment to ensuring our clients get their money’s worth.

If you’d like to experience true professionalism, fill out our ONLINE APPOINTMENT FORM by clicking on the “Book Now” button or call us at (888) 449 – 3227.

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