Carpet Cleaning Chicago – Myths and Rumors that You Should Know About

People will tell you about the good and bad things about carpet cleaning in Chicago. Most of the time, negativity is a lot easier to spread, and (unfortunately) easier to believe.

You should know that a new carpet will always be a major investment to any home or office. Many carpet owners will create misconceptions because other people tell them about half truths and whole lies just to make their stories believable.


#1 – It is always cheaper to get a new carpet instead of cleaning the existing one

Many carpet owners commit to the mistake of purchasing a smaller and cheaper carpet to replace their dirty existing one will save them a lot of money. While the temptation of purchasing a new rug from discount dealers is definitely very attractive, it will not be a good investment.

Many, if not most of the discounted carpets you find will be made from less durable material. That being said, they can tear easily and gather dust more frequently. Furthermore, with the cheap material that these discounted rugs are made of, minimal damage done to them can already be irreversible which will result in you purchasing another one.


#2 – The carpet has been purchased about a year ago so it does not need cleaning

The very thought of your carpet just sitting there and letting it being stepped on every single day by people with dirt shoes is enough reason why you should get the piece of furniture cleaned. Even when the carpet is a few months old, it should be due for cleaning and maintenance so that it will not gather dust, dirt, and numerous allergens that could be potential health hazards for some people.

#3 – I don’t need professional carpet cleaning in Chicago. I can do it myself. How hard is it to splash soapy water on it?


Carpet cleaning is more complex that it looks; just splashing a soap and water mixture onto the rug will not cause it to be cleaned right then and there. In fact, it can make things worse by (1) giving off a foul stench due to the chemical reaction of the water and the bacteria living in the carpet, and (2) this simple process can damage the carpet if too much water is involved.

So before you do anything out of the blue without prior knowledge and experience, better contact seasoned professionals for carpet cleaning in Chicago.

Know the task at hand before taking on the challenge. Avoid myths and rumors by checking out facts first. Contact a reliable carpet cleaning service for more information.

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