I strongly advise you to read this before you hire anyone to clean your carpets!

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You may not put a great deal of thought into who to hire to clean your carpets but you should. There are too many of these companies out there that know they can take advantage of consumers that didn’t do their homework first.

A way that they reel you in is by offering very low prices. However, the quality of their work is going to be less than what you will get from real professionals, not to mention the fact that they will charge you triple the amount they actually advertised.

I am confident that many of you that just read that first paragraph have your own horror story to tell about it. While you don’t want to repeat the incident, it can make you uncomfortable about hiring someone again to do that work for you. However, I am going to share with you information that will make you feel good about doing so. We are a carpet cleaning business dedicated to only offering quality service that every consumer is happy with.

Don’t just take my word for it; I encourage you to do your one research on that subject. You can use the information on this site to make up your mind as well as find out what our many customers have to say about our work and our professionalism. Then you can be confident you are hiring the right company to do the work for you. Chances are someone already told you about us and that is what brought you to this site in the first place.

The difference is that I don’t just strive to clean your carpets. My goal is to make sure you are fully satisfied from start to finish. I also offer you a full money back guarantee if you don’t find our services to exceed your expectations. How many other carpet cleaning companies have you worked with that offer you the same guarantee?

Here are some things I would like to offer you to help you get started. First, please take a look at the Consumers Inside Guide to Carpet Cleaning. This is a great report full of information that you will be benefit from. Make sure you share it with other people that can benefit from it as well.

When you are ready, contact us and we can schedule an appointment for a free in home estimate. We will show you exactly what we can offer you to make your carpets look great and to prolong their life. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and you won’t be obligated to proceed with the work if you don’t want to.

Please use all of the information on this site to help you make a good decision before you hire any carpet cleaning company. I am confident you will decide that we are the right company for you.

Yours sincerely,
David Dotan



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