Water Damage Restoration for Carpets – Can it Save Your Health?

If you live in an area where there are occurrences of flood, or a high chance of moisture in the immediate environment, or perhaps you’re sharing the household with people who may be clumsier for their own good, then you might be prone to having water damage on your carpets. A wet carpet is a downright nuisance, and it does not look, or even small, the least bit appealing. Wonder what a dirty carpet smells like when it is doused with water or other liquids? It’s something akin to a dog who has just played around in the mud and has been drenched with water from the garden hose, but this is without saying that saying K-9 companion is being bathed in doggy soap or shampoo.

Not too keen about the thought? There’s more to it, and the complications can be far worse if you don’t do water damage restoration for your carpets. It can even affect the health of every member of the household.




When carpet fibers get soaked with water, or juice, or any other liquid for that matter, the liquid will usually run straight down to the padding. The padding is found underneath the carpet itself. It will then hold the water similar to how sponges soak up water. If it’s not taken cared of immediately, bacteria and molds will begin to thrive.

Due to the growth of molds and bacteria becoming imminent (should you do nothing about the predicament), it will cause a hazardous effect to you and your family, particularly with regards to indoor air quality.

Without water damage restoration, those molds, bacteria, and other harmful elements will float into the indoor air. These can cause rashes, coughing, skin allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems. Therefore, if you don’t do anything about it quickly, your “small problem” might turn into something even more disastrous.

While there are many cleaning solutions that you can easily pick up at your local grocery store, some, or even many of them have harsh chemicals which can damage carpet fibers. Sure, your water damage may be gone but you will be left with a damaged carpet.

To preserve the beauty of your carpets AND deal with water damage restoration expertly, the best way to do it is to have the assistance of a reputable carpet cleaning company. One such firm is Chicago Carpet Care, which have professionals that are already ready and waiting to tackle on your difficult carpet scenarios.

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